Thursday, 13 June 2024
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International relations, international law, regional studies, international security, political economy

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In front of Iran, as a regional power and a global middle power, to organize its network of relations and secure its interests and national security in a world that is no longer monopolized by one pole of power. The prerequisite for defining and implementing such an agenda is to have a correct understanding of the characteristics of this transition period and to have a correct analysis of the activism of other activists. Understanding such a necessity and also the necessity of explaining the Iranian approach towards international developments, led to the formation of the initial idea of the "Jehan Pejoh" think tank as an independent think tank, consisting of concerned and motivated researchers in the fields of international relations, international law International, regional studies, international security, political economy and also specialists in geographical areas have become numerous. Jahan Pajoh think tank was established in 2012 and as an independent research institution, it has tried to get a precise understanding of the world and a fair understanding of Iran. We at Jahan Pajoh believe that Iran's relationship with the world and the world's relationship with Iran will be possible only through dialogue and reaching a mutual understanding. An understanding based on fairness, precision, global common interests and bilateral and multilateral common interests.

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